David J. Paola

In 2012, I began work on Bloc. Bloc is an online, interactive web development bootcamp. We believe when you’re learning, you need a guide rather than an assistant.

In 2011, I worked at Kontagent where I learned and worked on analytics for the social gaming industry.

In 2010, I attempted to build a platform for deploying Django applications called Djangy with my friend Sameer.

Earlier in 2010, after I graduated from U of I with a CS degree, I sold my car, packed my life into a backpack, and took a road trip across the country with my friend Matt. Then, he dropped me in San Francisco and I “lived nomadically” for several months, while working on a website called ThatHigh.

While I was in college, I built many things and was heavily involved in ACM@UIUC. I led SIGSoft and revived SIGDave. I built lego logic gates, two hovercrafts, and many other things. I was also involved with MechMania.

I learned to program sometime in 5th or 6th grade by reading bargain books from Border’s and playing with QBasic, VB, and Java.